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Published on April 09, 2021

5 Free Creative Tools

5 Free Creative Tools

Studying or working with something creative is all fun and games until that moment when your brain freezes and you're questioning your chosen path in life. But in this digital world, there's help to get, and directly on your phone. I will list some of my favorite apps that can help you with a lot of stuff, like learning basic coding and never forgetting to spell-check.

Fonts -

Sometimes you just feel a bit extra; why not show it in your text messages? With Fonts, you're able to download cool fonts to your keyboard.

What the font - 

Have you ever seen a font and wonder what it's called? This app will help you identify them!

Grammarly -

If you're a writer like me, spell-check, tone, and formality is essential. Grammarly will be your right hand; just add it to your keyboard! 

Snapseed -

You probably already have a bunch of photo editing apps, but this one is so good! And everyone on TikTok uses it, so it must be good, right?

Mimo -

This one is really cool! I know nothing about coding, and with this app, I'm actually learning something. You can choose what level you're on and how long you want to spend on learning each day. 

I hope you’ll find these apps fun and helpful. Keep on creating , my friends!

Written by Antonella Basagni

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